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Manish Jain, with his profound experience in credit rating with CRISIL, grabbed this opportunity to launch FinMen in this sector in 2010. With proficiency in his domain the young entrepreneur has started this exclusive service providing credit rating and risk management solutions. FinMen partners with you and walks alongside through the entire rating process with complete responsibility.

Pan India presence

We are headquartered in Mumbai and having its branch offices across other cities at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Nagpur, Raipur, Pune and Chennai

Client Servicing: Worked with across the sector

FinMen has worked with 500+ clients. This has further helped the team to acquire valuable intelligence on approach, perspectives, assessment models and logic used by multiple credit rating agencies across multiple sectors. With deep insights into credit rating pre-requisites, parameters and overall process, combined with in-house expertise adds an enduring strength to clients’ credit standing.

Expertise: Expert Assistance:

Getting credit rating is time consuming and critical exercise in which FinMen experts help you at every stage, right from gathering accurate data, subjective information to presenting it effectively. With the dedicated team of experts belongs from ex-rating agencies or big financial institutions, proved to be an important asset in the growth.

Shadow Rating - Initial Analysis

FinMen provides view of all the rating agency without charging any initial fees. We approach and work on each project with due diligence. We will take up an assignment only after confirming that we can add value to the client. We have a specialized team for taking the decisions regarding accepting an assignment. This is to ensure fruitful delivery of the project

Turning Expense into Investment

Our aim is to get all the benefits of rating to company by getting them the deserved rating. Hence we work towards turning expenses of company in terms of rating agency fees into investment by getting them various benefits such as reduction in interest rates, better sanction terms, high valuation, improvement of corporate image, better negotiation power, improved market visibility amongst customers and creditors/vendors etc.