Finmen Advisors

"Be so good they can't ignore us"

- Steve Martin

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About Us

Founded in 2010, FinMen has successfully consulted more than 1050 companies to get the deserved credit rating of debt instruments like Bank loan, structured products like NCD, Commercial Paper etc. FinMen also asists in SME rating and IPO grading.

FinMen today has a dedicated team of experts with specialized knowledge for handholding clients throughout the rating process. The team consists of professionals with experience from leading rating agencies like CRISIL, CARE and Brickwork.

FinMen takes pride in client satisfaction ratio of more than 90%.

FinMen is built on the passion to envisage possibility of success over the probability of default. FinMen aims to bridge the gap between what the clients aspire and what they deserve.

FinMen has embarked on translating its vision into action with a holistic approach. At FinMen we call it AAA approach

Awareness - to be a trusted source for absorbing fundamental and futuristic perspectives on every aspect of credit rating.

Assist - to guide clients and deliver our expertise to get the deserved credit rating.

Ascent - to extend long term support and to transcend performance.

Finmen endeavors to build a seamless, hassle free experience for its clients to achieve a sustainable positive transformation in their credit strength.